Aspros potamos
Espa 2014-2020

is located at the top of the houses on the right side. The guest can enjoy a fantastic view of the entire area of Aspros Potamos.

is located at the top of the village on the right side. There is a big terrace with a panoramic view. It is the biggest house in Aspros Potamos, bright and airy with big spacious rooms. It is ideal for a family.

 It is located between house No2 and No4. It is an impressive house with a high ceiling, bright and airy with a mezzanine. It is a truly original and beautiful house.

It is located between house No3 and No5.

It is located next to house No4 with a view to the garden.

We also call it “Smurf house” because of its height and shape. The original bedrocks inside the house are very impressive as they jut out the walls.

 It is one of the most impressive houses of Aspros Potamos.

This house is located in the centre of the settlement, in an open space, with a view to the hills and the foot of Pefki Gorge.

 It is the smallest one, but bright and airy. It is next to the house No8 in an excellent location with a panoramic view to the sea.

 It consists of a single room and a bathroom. It is in a quiet location and it has a large terrace with a beautiful view.

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Traditional Houses Aspros Potamos
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