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Μακρύς ΓιαλόςMakrys Gialos or Makrigialos, it is a well known tourist resort facing the Libyan sea on the south-east coast of Crete. It belongs to the municipality of Lasithi, 29 km east of Ierapetra and 33 km south of Sitia, on the south national road that runs between Ierapetra and Sitia.

Makrigialos is a small coastal village with a small picturesque port and marvellous surrounding beaches. When you continue a little towards the east, the view of the Makrigialos bay is unique and it rivals the beauty and the amenity of the settlement at Aspros Potamos.

The name Makrys Gialos derives from the long and sandy beach, about 2 km, from the village. The clear and swallow waters are ideal for both children and adults alike. The main beach of Makrigialos is by no means the only one; the area is famous for its numerous beautiful beaches.

Near Makrigialos and next to the extraordinary beach of Kalamokania there is the Minoan villa. The villa was built around 1600 B.C. and it is comparable to the structure of the Minoan palaces, most likely it was the private residence of a local ruler. However excavation has not been completed and so the site is not yet open to the public.

Makrys Gialos was originally a small fishing village, but during the last few years,the area has been built up to accommodate the growing demand for tourist destinations. However, it is still a quiet location, ideal for those looking for a relaxing holiday.

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